The Revolutionary ‘No-Code’ Era – The Gil Rabbi Story

Published by Sciencetimes

the massive market for lower-tech software is emerging as an increasing number of companies create engagement products powered by a new breed of low-code platforms. These solutions are accessible to a wide range of technical and non-technical users, allowing everyone from small businesses to large enterprises to build affordable platforms quickly, without the need for programming knowledge or hiring expensive IT talent.

Wix was one of the first companies to introduce us to this new world where we could build our own websites without any technical knowledge. Although they were not alone in their idea, WIX has opened up opportunities for people who want easy website building tools with no coding experience required!

No-coding solution
Storycards is a new Israeli startup that’s making an attempt to do what YouTube, Slideshare and other platforms can’t: interactive content. Storycard-created products are designed for engagement with users such as trivia quizzes or forms; these assets then get embedded onto any website – unlike sites like Youtube where they only allow third-party ads on the page(s) you’re viewing in order to create more of an “experience” rather than just watching someone else play videos back at you all day long.