No-Code – Telling The Gil Rabbi Story

Published by Latinpost

Storycards offers an innovative new way to engage with users in a unique and interactive format.

Storycards is a game-changing innovation for eCommerce retailers and for digital agencies. They provide the opportunity to create products without the need for any costly development, and because it has artificial intelligence built-in, you don’t have to do anything but watch in awe as your feedback and engagement levels increase exponentially.

Platforms like WIX and Webflow allow users who are not technology savvy or developers themselves, yet still want an online presence with ease; Storycard embodies this same idea by focusing solely on engaging its customers through interactive content.

The reason Gil Rabbi created Storycards was that he felt there wasn’t enough focus when designing other types of websites- such as social media sites where you only see things blowing up but don’t get any feedback from your audience besides likes/dislikes regarding what they post.