The Israeli engagement expert shares his knowledge with everyone, using a new technology

Published by israelnationalnews

Israeli engagement expert Gil Rabi announced another new innovation in the area of online engagement.

As researchers grappled for years to formulate better engagement models, Storycards will seek to create a new culture among websites to deliver next level engagement and user experience.

As the largest brands compete for user attention, it can be argued that their currency is eyeballs, and the ultimate differentiator is how well they can engage users.

Gil Rabbi is one of Israel’s digital pioneers, Rabbi is considered one of the global experts in creating digital products that improve engagement. His main specialty over the last decade has been how to make users stay longer on sites and apps, making them more involved in content, while on the other hand, he allows publishers and apps to get more information about their users to improve targeted advertising capabilities based on the user activity in the products he has established.

Gil Rabbi