Storycards Is The New Rising Star Platform In The Digital World

Guru Gil Rabbi is one of the finest coders in the industry, leading to Israeli Storycards, one of the most exciting companies after the success of Wix. The increase of Wix has led to more and more users capable of creating their own websites without any need for knowledge in IT and web developments. Storycards focuses on products that use forms, quizzes, and trivia in order to engage the users. Unlike other websites before, Storycards provide more interactive activities getting rid of any chance of 3rd party advertisements.

Gil Rabbi is the man behind this day. Making it his passion and pride to provide more engaging content online to ensure users spend a long time on applications and sites. In this way, the business owners are able to discover more about their users to better their services. Prior to his start in the field in 2003, he was in the military and was inspired to create a system that increase engagements for potential soldiers to enlist and join the Israeli Army. From the success of this experiment, he then created his rising business Rabbi Interactive Technology Agency.

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