In a World Where Visual Quality is Paramount, Storycards is Helping Businesses Stay in the Limelight

Published by Techbullion

“People no longer spend hours gazing at a computer screen after work or class,” explains Gil Rabbi, founder and CEO of Storycards. “Instead, they use their mobile devices to stay online everywhere, all the time. But while they are online more, they are not staying on the same content for long periods. Rather they are moving to the next site or image very quickly.”

For businesses drowning in the sea of online visuals, Storycards introduces a solution that not only keeps you afloat, but also keeps customers anchored to your online content. And Storycards not only provides a tool that drives engagement, it provides it via a platform that anyone can navigate.

“Storycards is the world’s first editor to build professional and custom engagement products in a completely visual canvas with no code,” says Rabbi. “It not only attracts users, but also boosts their engagement, increases the time they spend on your site, and creates smarter segments based on their choices.”

Web experts are reporting that the websites that succeed in 2022 and beyond will be those that provide a dynamic experience for visitors. Storycards allows for the user’s experience to flow based on user input, with the potential for each visit to be unique.

“With Storycards you can build multiple flows and create a unique experience according to the users’ choices in each card,” Rabbi says. “Storycards lets content editors show different types of cards to every user, differentiating by their choices and engagement with the product.”

The interactivity offered by the Storycards platform not only boosts engagement by guiding users through a highly personalized and dynamic experience, but also allows businesses to learn from users and direct them to a customized buying opportunity based on their feedback.