Israeli Tech Mogul Gil Rabbi on How Storycards Engages the Internet

Published by Euro Weekly News

Companies are turning to no-code platforms to build engagement solutions for marketing, commerce, and beyond; welcome to the 21st Century.

These tools put business users in the driver’s seat of custom application development projects with little or no coding skills required.

Introducing Storycards
Storycards is like a storyteller’s magic carpet that whisks you to an awesome world of custom engagement products. This Israeli-based start-up uses engagement boosting technology, to help you increase the time your users spend on site.

Gil Rabbi, an Israeli expert in digital products, is the brains behind Storycards, who has been giving users a better engagement with his technology for the past decade. He specializes in making you stay on your site or app longer. And, there’s only one way to do this – by ensuring what they’re providing provides value and interest; while at the same time helping website owners get information about how many people visit them through analytics reports from Storycards’ tracking platform.